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your only weapon is your work

no time line. only priorities.

3 July
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this is just a repository of things i can't keep track of on my own.
accordian, alternative building, alternative commerce, alternative energy, anti-globalization, art nouveau, assemblage, back to basics, baraboo, barns, barter, bartering, beekeeping, blacksmithing, bottles, brass, cabaret, captain henry every, carnivals, celestial listening ears, chainmail, chautauqua, circuitry, circus, cogwheels, collaborative art, coney island, cottage industries, craftsmen, d.i.y., decentralization, decentralized economies, do it yourself, do-it-yourself, dumpster diving, ecovillages, engineering, evermor foundation, farmhouses, folk lore, freak shows, friends, gadgets, gift economy, gizmos, goats, grafting, graviton, hakim bey, hare-brained schemes, historical preservation, homebrew, homebrewing, homeschooling, humanure, hydro power, immortality, industrial revolution, industrial wrecking, intentional community, intermediate technology, ithaca hours, junk shops, junkyards, jury-rigged and jerry-built, kilns, kinetic sculpture, living creatively, living machines, living off the grid, living sculptures, lost highways, mad scientists, mark twain, mechanical, moorish orthodox church, motorcycle maintenance, nikola tesla, open heartedness, outsider art, p t barnum, permaculture, pirates, player pianos, renewable energy, ripley, road trips, roadside attractions, robert m. pirsig, rural decay, rust, salvage, sci fi, scrap metal, sculpture, secret gardens, self-employment, snake oil salesmen, social evolution, solar fridge, splicing, steam engines, straw bale homes, sustainability, sustainable living, technology, tent revivals, tesla coils, the american museum, the floating market, thomas edison, transcendentalism, twin peaks, utopian societies, vacuum tubes, vaudeville, water reclamation, weird science, what?, when?, where?, who?, why?, world’s largest sculpture