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your only weapon is your work
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Monday, June 8th, 2009
12:14 pm
So, as an update....all of these fine ideas didn't just float away to some ethereal nether region of the internet.

My wife and i have reopened a general store in springfield, ky with a broad assortment of local goods including pottery, pickles and aviator hats.

sadly due to the time constraints of living up to my boasts my blogging has gotten whittled down to face book sized chunks, look up david zoller if you want any further updates, the store also has a fan page it's the valley hill store.

i hope all of you are well, and i miss the hell out of livejournal (sometimes)
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
11:38 pm
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
5:41 pm
Start! milestones; when these notches are on our belt the whiskey's on us.
1.) brochure made
2.) website made
3.) calendar made
4.) 501(c)3 status attained
5.) 1st grant gotten
6.) diesel vehicle attained and converted to run off grease
7.) 1st solar system up and running
8.) 1st garden planted
9.) 1st mention in paper
10.) PAZ conference
11.) 1st cob structure built
12.) library goes public
13.) $10,000 in bank account
14.) 1st piece of property purchased
15.) 50 folk directly involved
Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
3:08 pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
4:13 pm
Dr. Tinkerpaw
In the beginning, Beal says, “I had no more in mind of doing this than growing feathers.” But now, he proudly claims, “It’s the finest monstrosity this side of hell.”

By most accounts, Beal was born twenty miles up the coast from Cambria on June 26th, 1896. He was orphaned at age ten when his mother, a Klamath Indian, lost her life in the San Francisco earthquake. He never knew his father. After a series of orphanages and odd-jobs, he landed in vaudeville, performing with a one-legged bicyclist and a fearless stunt dog at the World’s Fair in Toronto during the 1920s. The climax of the act, as Beal explains it, occurred when he would feign heat prostration and fall spread-eagled on the ground, at which time the one-legged bicyclist, pedaling furiously, would aim his front tire directly between Beal’s twitching legs. Just a split-second before certain disaster, the bicyclist would execute an amazing tumble maneuver, flip the bicycle completely over Beal, and land safely on the other side. Beal says the trick never failed, although at the same time he admits he hasn’t fathered any children in his lifetime.

“If I could remember everything, I’d be a walking encyclopedia,” Beal says, whenever you broach a subject he doesn’t feel particularly interested in. Then he’ll wink one of his periwinkle blue eyes at you and say, “If only this old boar’s nest could talk….”, waving a gnarled hand about the dark and musty bedroom, “There’s so much history here.”

“Seeing is knowing,” is another phrase you’ll hear over and over again if you spend any time at all with Beal. “People see things the way they want to see them,” he bellows, shaking his crooked cane like Ahab going down with his whale, “They don’t see things in re-Al-ity.”

Beal has fought for the rights of the deer, raccoon, mountain lion, and the Monterey pine while the “Madame Rich Bitches” and “Doctors Stoopntakit” blithely go about building four-car garages and superfluous little stores upon which they insist on bestowing cutesy names like Sewtique or The Quiche Wagon.

A sign in his kitchen reads, “Every man deserves at least one good woman and one good dog in his life,” but Beal never married (“I’m a member of the Detergent Club: work fast and never leave a ring.”)

“I’m a big rebel,” Art Beal has said. “I’m the biggest revolutionist that ever put on a pair of shoes. I revolt against anything, everything, and even that. Whatever it is, I revolt against it….”

As our interview was ending, I spoke to him about the problems of bureaucracy and the generalized idiocy that has caused architect Warren Leopold to give up building houses. I noted that it would be impossible today to get away with building a structure like Nitt-Witt Ridge, even though professors of architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have studied it with awe. Art agreed, saying, “You can’t do this anymore. You got to get a license, a permit, and be a damned engineer. A licensed engineer. It’s getting so you got to have a license to fart….”
Friday, August 12th, 2005
9:08 pm
* get website up
* finish mission statement
* halloween party benefit
>> get in touch with joey and verity
>> find a location
>>> 953
>>> LAVA
>>> aaron and haley new place
* benefit dinner
>> track down wendell berry
>> find out how to book the juggernaut jug band
>> find out if contra dancing still has live band
>> try to get unitarian church to donate space
* benefit calendar
>> pindown dates with nathan
>> call, aleve and david, scott scarborough and mandy's friends
>> get cristin schuler to put together coupons
>> lawernce folk went through p and l in denver and got 400 calendars for $700
and wound up making about $1000, charging $5-10
*stockyards land
>> get ahold of ivor-done
>>> what do the ownership rights look like?- home of the innocents, land will not be developed
>>> can trees be planted?
>>> can structures be built?
>> track down trees
*christmas wish list
*unwanted present donation
>> going to need a vehicle to pull this one off

*get website up
*finalize date

*get website up
*get zine made
*compile addresses
* get contacts at DOT, school board, train yards, new albany and jeff
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
9:53 pm
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
12:55 pm
john eccles used the metaphor of a field of lamps to describe the workings of the human mind, with various lights going on and off to represent thought patterns.

it might be a good idea to apply this to the lamp mosaic idea.
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
9:33 pm
rock gate park
built by Edward Leedskalnin as a tribute to his unrequited love Agnes Scuffs, the coral castle could easily be called america's taj mahal.

ed worked entirely alone and mainley at night, no one ever witnessed the construction of the castle. when questioned about his methods ed ( who was 5 foot and weighed in at 100 pounds)would explain he was very familiar with the laws of weight and leverage. however. ed's library contained a number of books on egyptology and magnetism which has led many folk to the conclusion that there may have been a whole lot more than leverage at play in the creation of the coral castle.

ed published 5 pamphlets during his life,and they are available at the gift shop for folks whose finances are in better shape than mine.<imgCollapse )
Monday, May 16th, 2005
6:34 pm
5:32 pm
In the New Apothecary, they grind their grain in a coffee mill, brew in dairy tanks, ferment and mature in kegs. Each brew is a different style, and a variety of yeasts have been used.
4:52 pm
from american gods
" there are churches all across the states though"

in everytown. sometimes on everyblock. and about as significant, in this context, as dentists' offices. no, in the usa, people still get the call, or some of them, and they feel themselves being called to from the transcendental void,and they respond to it by building a model out of beer bottles of somewhere they have never visited, or by erecting a giantbat house in some part of the country that bats have traditionally declined to vist. roadside attractions: people feel themselve being pulled to places where, in other parts of the world they would recognize that part of themselves that is truly transcendant, and buy a hot dog and walk around, feeling satisfied on a level they cannot truly describe, and profoundly dissatisfied on a level beneath that"
Friday, May 6th, 2005
1:32 pm
Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
5:48 pm
kissimmee ripley's notes
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

scrap art folk that are at every ripley's ....you should really find out who the artist is

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

don quixote mirror

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

two headed cow supplied by paul springer

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

janky fiji mermaid , " too much fish to eat, not enough woman to love"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

jade rickshaw

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

dryer lint portrait by slater baron

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

lincoln in pennies by lionel perkowitz

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

toast mona lisa by tadahiko ogawa

>bill stead of oakland ca trained frogs
>robert charles heitman- button artist
>aretino spinnello died after paintin "the fall of the rebel angel" due to the fearsomeness of his painting of the devil
>bill black is a barber in st. louis that works in hair
*make wooden chain
>yamakasi- amatuer french stuntmen
*make nail porcupine
>jean rugibet of france swore his beloved church bells could drive off a storm, he ran up to them but while ringing the church tower was hit by lightning fusing rugibert to his bells. the storm did leave in short order though.
Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
8:21 am
8:20 am
the incombustable!!!
Chamouni was the celebrated "Russian Salamander," assuming the title of " The Incombustible." His great feat was to enter an oven with a raw leg of mutton, not retiring until the meat was well baked. This person eventually lost his life in the performance of this feat; his ashes were conveyed to his native town, where a monument was erected over them

Martinet, the so-called " French Salamander," was born in Havana. As a baker he had exposed himself from boyhood to very high temperatures, and he subsequently gave public exhibitions of his extraordinary ability to endure heat. He remained in an oven erected in the middle of the Gardens of Tivoli for fourteen minutes when the temperature in the oven was 338 gegrees F. His pulse on entering was 76 and on coming out 130. He often duplicated this feat before vast assemblages, though hardly ever attaining the same degree of temperature, the thermometer generally varying from 250 degrees F upward
8:13 am
The Wolpertinger, sometimes spelt Wolperdinger, is a curious creature. They are hybrid animals which live in the Bavarian countryside. They have the body of a small mammal, but with the feathered wings of a bird. Some sub-species have fangs and antlers. They're very shy and hardly ever seen in the wild.
8:08 am
paul springer
indentSpringer has been collecting strange animals for 27 years, ever since he bought a 5-legged calf in Florida. Many of his animals are stuffed at "Ripley's" locations from Wisconsin Dells to Orlando.
indentSpringer no longer displays his odd animals at the State Fair, as he did in the 1970s and 1980s, but does buy and sell them. Farmers, animal dealers and veterinarians know of his interest, so when something strange is born, Springer gets a call.

we passed the places in the pasture where Springer has rigged hanging salt licks and fly-brushing curtains for the comfort of his cattle, we came to a place heavy with the smell of cinnamon.
indent"That's candy," he said, pointing to a 55-gallon drums filled with gummy cinnamon bears. "The cows and horses like it."
indentSpringer buys reject candy from a manufacturer in Milwaukee, and feeds it as treats.

Susan Lampert Smith writes about the people and places that make Wisconsin unique. Send her story ideas at ssmith@madison.com or care of the Wisconsin State Journal, Box 8058, Madison, Wis., 53708.
Friday, April 1st, 2005
9:14 pm
if i ever get around to making the big rickety computer setup of my dreams it'd be nive to have an enourmous lever of sorts to serves as the caps lock.
Sunday, March 6th, 2005
3:12 am
2 miles from highway 64. 6 miles from new harmony. right on the wabash.

Feature Name: New Baltimore

Feature Type: ppl

State: Indiana

County: Posey

County Population: 27061

County Housing Units: 11076

County Size: 408.5 Square Miles

Latitude: 38.17722

Longitude: -87.9175

Elevation: 375
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